A Bariartic weight loss success story

 A Bariartic weight loss success story

A Bariartic weight loss success story

Weight lose Success Story

New weight loss weight loss procedure in cutting edge bariatric procedure was reported by a leading news agency that promises great help for extremely obese young adults .Robert Johnson the bariatric surgeon in Pennsylvania, recently helped a 20 year old student weighing 270 pounds to lose 90 pounds with his bariatric procedure surgery. The patient was discharged as a happy young man, his biggest burden off loaded for good. His life turned for good, he became more positive again.

Some people are reluctant to go for bariatric surgery, but taking in to account the different problems the obese young people face like high blood pressure, hypertension,type2 diabetes, hypertension and having to face insults and other problems, says Dr.Mehul Parekh.Despite all conventional methods like diet,pills,ecercise ets,Russell’s weight continued to increase and caused embarrassment to him, finally his parents took him to a bariatric surgeon, He told that the surgery is normally done on adults, but advised then that they can try on young adults at their risk. Told them that a restrictive type under strict criteria can be performed on Russell. And that procedure can be called “Sleeve gastrectomy” , it creates a sleeve-shaped stomach―about the size of a banana―with the excised portion of the stomach being removed.

The advantages and the effect is that a mall sized stomach can hold only very less food and as soon as the eats a small amount of food he feels full there by consuming less food throughout the day and the hunger pangs are also controlled drastically. The hunger causing hormones are also restricted and the result is awesome the patient loses 65-70 percentage of excess fat in less than one and a half year. And the beauty is that the whole procedure can be done laproscopically that is the healing time is greatly reduced and the patient can go back to normal life routines soon. After the surgery body performs the digestion and absorption almost in a normal way

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